Fresh Art has been popping up around the internet and so have some other fun finds so here we go with a new set of links to keep you busy this weekend!

1. If you are a woman you have to read THIS article by our amazing winter bride, Stephanie! It will make you think twice about how you look at yourself! Thanks for your incredible words Steph.

2. Kim and I are so honored to have been asked to be judges on THIS awesome photography contest! You should go check out some of the amazing submissions! Can’t wait to get started!

3. We just opened our in-home studio a few weeks ago and it just won a contest! Over HERE! We were shocked it won and so excited! Plus that’s a great blog so make sure to check it out!

4. THIS is one of the most beautiful posts ever written. A great reminder for everyone out there. Enjoy your life. Capture your life. Beautiful.

5. I almost cried when I read THIS post. Because it’s coming from a client’s perspective! Not our client of course, but a client nonetheless. And what struck me is that she really GETS it. Her guide at the end of the post made me want to pull a Tom Cruise and jump on my sofa yelling “YES! YES! YES!”

6. We are heading to Cuba Lake in the morning to celebrate C’s first day of summer and although we won’t need much more than the beach for a few hours of good fun, I am bringing a few supplies to make THIS idea. I LOVE it and although I will certainly be doing it at home also, I love the idea of them being able to create a “lake treasure tank” or even just a lake habitat! So a big plastic tub will be accompanying us on our little day trip!

7. My good friend Lyndsay had the cutest craft idea on her blog recently and although St. Louis isn’t known for it’s blue bonnets I just adore how cute THIS turned out! And SO easy!

8. My new FAVORITE photo blog is HERE. I just found her and fell instantly head over heels in love! I am currently figuring out ways to steal some of her amazing decorating ideas! She has also inspired me to keep my camera on hand more now… as it’s been living in the bag only taken out for client sessions recently. Need. To. Document. MY. Family. More.

9. Another rad photographer I came across recently and who graciously gave me permission to totally and completely steal this idea of hers when I emailed her for permission! Check THIS out and tell me it’s not so totally amazing you want to get out your camera right now and wake up the kids to start shooting! I can’t wait to show you my take on her idea in a few weeks!

10. And last but not least, I found THIS site for photographers looking to buy templates and they have some really cool stuff! I always appreciate finding different designers so I thought I’d share the link with all the photogs that read our blog! You may have heard of them, I just hadn’t!


We are off to the lake tomorrow morning and out on a date tomorrow night with our good friends the Johnstons! Which just means tomorrow is going to rock my socks off! And which also means I will not be emailing or working AT ALL besides taking a million photos of my own clan. So if I don’t get back to you until the weekend don’t get mad!

ALSO… the Allen family is putting all their crap on their front lawn Saturday morning and would love you to come buy it! Oh yes indeed! YARD SALE! Come one, come all and buy our junk! Oh, and if you stop by and see a treasured gift you gave us or something, don’t get mad! I am in a massive PURGE mood ever since we cleaned out the art room to make the studio! Less is more! Except when it means MORE is going to your house and leaving mine! HA!

Have a great weekend!