I met Jodie when she was pregnant with Gray and I was pregnant with Kelsey.  We connected instantly, truly bonded in friendship and motherhood from the start.

I’m not sure I can articulate ALL the reasons I admire and respect Jodie as a mom, but I’m certain it’s centered around her heart and the depth of her commitment to her kids.  So while we read regular (sometimes, daily) posts about sickness, moments of frustration, Dew-to-the-max kind of days — the real Jod is in those posts capturing everyday hikes, 52 Smiles projects, never-seen-before room mom events, and simple craft-filled, bubble-blowing days intended to surround her kids with pure l-o-v-e.  (BTW, I don’t know how to do those “HERE” link thingies that let you jump right to the posts I mean, which is yet another baffling reason as to why Jodie spends any time with me.)

My wish for this Mother’s Day is to raise Jodie up.  To do all I can to help her feel the love and support she creates for her kids and all of us as her mommy co-pilots.  I’d like to do this not by asking you to send her some Post Love (although that’d be cool), instead I’ll encourage us all to take a Jodified Moment today.  Huh?  I’ll loosely define it as “personal time on this, our Mother’s Day, to exercise our God-given talents and personal passions.”  Set aside your to-do list and obligations to write, paint, garden, cook or snap a few extra images.  Whatever “it” is that truly feeds your soul.  In that moment, kind of like fairy dust landing on your shoulders, you’ll know that you’ve been Jodified.  And I hope you’ll smile and maybe even encourage others to do the same.

Happy Mother’s Day, Jod.  Today’s Jodified Moments are inspired by you!