We are waiting patiently for Kelly to go into labor as we get to be there for the birth of their first daughter any day now! I LOVE the anticipation of waiting for a birth client to go into labor! In the meantime, Kim sent Kelly and I a few outtakes from their maternity session and after laughing out loud I asked Kelly permission to blog them! And she said yes! I love a girl with a good sense of humor!

She looked SO gorgeous in that long white dress but we kept cracking up because the sun was low and well, with the light hitting her dress just right we kept getting to see MORE of Kelly than we expected! HA! It made for a perfect silhouette!

I can’t tell you how many times Kim and I send each other the random outtakes we get at sessions (mostly of each other!) but we rarely get to share them! I actually email with the subject line, “the shit we don’t blog”! HA! It’s almost always one of us bending over or making ugly faces while shooting or something else completely embarrassing! I know for a fact Kim has a whole folder of awful photos of me as blackmail! HA! SO it was awesome that this time it was silly photos of our beautiful client and she let us share them! Maybe one day we’ll be brave enough and show you all of our WAY more awful photos we have of each other!

Happy Tuesday!