Last year on April 23rd we held our first annual Shoot for Seamus at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU where we took photos of babies that were able to go (or eventually go) home. It was an incredible day of course and one of those mom’s shared our images with her friend Lindsey. That’s how Lindsey found our blog. Then she booked one of our Fresh Classes last summer and we got to meet her! Then she got pregnant with Oliver and we got to see her again while also getting to meet the rest of their sweet family!

Kim and I know how blessed we are that our business is growing simply because of word of mouth. And we are so appreciative to ALL of our clients that tell their friends and family about us! Thank you!

Is he not the sweetest? Oh my gosh! Kim and I loved his perfect skin and sleepiness! Once we got him sound asleep he was SO easy!

And it was so fun to chat with Lindsey and Larry b/c they are both teachers and get this! Larry teaches Biology AND is the head girls soccer coach at their school! When I found that out it was like finding out Lindsey is my long lost sister! She GETS me! HA! To have husbands SO similar was insane and awesome all at the same time! Such a huge coincidence!

Thanks to the Scheller family for coming and hanging out and letting us photograph Oliver! We hope you like your sneak peek!