For Halloween we go to our friend’s house, the MacBrydes, for a great chili dinner and trick or treating. This year Angie decided we needed to ALL dress up. Her kids were being superheros so her and Kevin were following the theme… she was Superman and he was Batman.

Batman. Kind of.

Kevin wore a t-shirt with the Batman logo on it and a pair of track pants.

And that’s as far as his costume went.

Our kids were Wizard of Oz characters and somehow I convinced Chris that the MacBrydes were going ALL OUT and so we had to too!

Bailey was the wicked witch:


Parker was Dorothy:


Sheep went as Toto (costume created by my awesome MIL!!!)


Grayson was the Lion:


And then for weeks Chris and I were going back and forth on what we should be. I decided I would be the tin man and on the morning of Halloween, right before I left for our two sessions that day, he decided that being the scarecrow just wasn’t going to cut it. He wanted to be MORE creative and over-the-top. And this is because I had convinced him that Kevin was going to be wearing a black spandex Batman costume! I kept saying, “the MacBrydes are going ALL OUT this year! We HAVE to keep up!”

So THIS is what I came up with for C…



This is my take on “A Horse of a Different Color”… you know… the horse in the movie that CHANGES COLOR?

So I painted a shirt and pants for him, painted his face, etc.

OMG I laughed all night long.

But I laughed the HARDEST when on the way to their house I said something like, “you know, I think Kevin decided to just wear a t-shirt!”

SO yes. I lied. But OH MAN it was SO worth it!


And the Superhero Family:


Cute! For sure! But no colored hair or face paint? And you mean Kev didn’t break out his black spandex? I think we FOR SURE win the prize… which is non-existent… b/c I made up the prize to get C to dress like this:



OMG I could look at that all day!

So anyway.

Halloween was AWESOME!

Kim and I had two incredible sessions (Coco in the post below and the McQueary family that will be posted tonight/tomorrow), I had a BLAST creating C’s costume and we had a GREAT time hanging with our BFF’s and eating buckets of candy!

And of course there are a few more pics…





I of course LOVE my best friend but MAN I wasn’t sure who was funnier… Angie in her UNITARD or Chris! HA! You rocked it Ang!!!





And then it was officially too dark!

It was a long weekend… did I mention Kim and I shot for EIGHT hours straight yesterday???… but it was such a GOOD weekend! SO GOOD! I worked a lot, played a lot and cleaned a lot!

No wonder I’m tired today!

And just b/c I can…


HAHA! Love you honey!