I haven’t blogged in a couple of days because well, life has been… ummm… intense.

1. Thursday I spent all day in the ER with Chris who received a blood patch to cure his spinal headache. Which is not totally gone yet. Which means I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow to see what this means.

2. Thursday while we were in the ER my mom had Parker at the pediatrician with a bad cough.

3. Thursday night we were up most of it with a coughing/wheezing Parker.

4. Friday morning, after very little sleep due to Parker and the 2am bedtime I had after working hard on the Saturday event at our church I was in charge of, I called the doctor b/c Parker’s wheezing and coughing had become even worse. The second the nurse heard her next to me she said to come in right away.

5. Two neb treatments later (after 6 during the night at home and one in the office the day before) they sent us to the hospital to be admitted b/c her o2 levels were still too low.

6. I spent all day Friday in the ER with Parker, who ended up not having to be admitted luckily! AND who was finally and officially diagnosed with asthma. Fairly severe asthma and we’ll make an appointment with an allergist this week.

7. We got home around 4:30pm on Friday, I left her with C and headed to church to set-up the event (and had great help thank goodness!).

8. 7am left for the event (that Kim came and shot for me! Thanks again Kim! And everyone who reads this and helped too!!!) and was finished at 1pm when Kim and I finished up the day with two client meetings.

9. Got home on Saturday at 3pm to Bailey who had 104 fever.

10. Spent lots of Saturday night up with a very sick Bailey.


In the midst of all the SICK and BUSY and EXHAUSTION we had an incredible weekend!

We decorated the Christmas tree Saturday night with the kids and it was the first year the girls were really getting it!


They loved hearing all the stories behind the ornaments.. who gave them to us, what they were for, whose they were (the ones for each of them as babies were their favs!), etc. And even though Bails went to bed early and felt awful, we had a great family night together that ended with a quick drive to look at Christmas lights in our jammies.

And today we cleaned the house some, which always feels good.


(this was all UNDER our couch and if the BREAST PADS are any indication, we haven’t cleaned under here in at least a few months b/c Gray stopped breast feeding at 14 months!)

We cooked breakfast and invited my parents down. I’m sorry, CHRIS cooked breakfast. Ahem.

I got to photograph C’s brother’s Christmas card photos… I laughed the entire time!


Wait until tomorrow when I show you them all! They are HILARIOUS!

Then we left our SICK kids and went to the movies together to see The Blind Side… which was AWESOME btw! Even though I did feel guilty leaving sick kids… I just seriously needed a break!

And we ended the night with an incredible dinner at my parents with our best friends.

We have been living under a seemingly black cloud the last few weeks but I love how interspersed our life is with perfect moments. And amazing family. And great friends.

And even though we had to leave dinner early tonight when our sitter called us home to an even sicker Bailey, today was still good. And tomorrow will be too. Because you know, life goes on. Kids get well. Orders get placed (thanks Kim!). Clients book new sessions. Husbands go back to work. The house gets decorated. Crafts get made.

And we laugh.

Through it all we laugh.

And at the end of every day. Perfect or so very far from it, I love my life.