And I say FIRST because we have another Kentucky baby on the books this spring! So twice we’ll be in Louisville… if you’re interested in a session let us know!

Lindsey was so great, she drove up to St. Louis for her maternity session but we’ll go to her for the newborn photos of course!

I have to tell you, I’ve known Lindsey my entire life. Grew up next door to each other. And I think in my mind she is still the little girl I played with. Because seeing her through my lens was shocking.

She’s all grown up!

I mean DUH.

It was just incredible to see this gorgeous WOMAN in front of me. A mom to almost three children. A wife. A labor and delivery nurse at a bustling hospital. And so beautiful.

While I was editing I just kept going WOW.

Isn’t it funny how people sometimes get stuck in time in your brain? And as much as I look at these photos and see this incredible woman, I also still see the little girl who Abbie and I played house with and ran around outside with and shared so many childhood memories with.

Lindsey, you are so beautiful and we can’t wait to meet this little person!!!









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