Back in January I got it in my head I wanted to play some Minute to Win it games with my kiddos. I mentioned it to my friend and neighbor, Kelly, and she was totally on board. So I got online and found some ideas (the official site HERE is great but search Pinterest too!), flew to a few stores and put everything together! Kelly provided pizza for dinner and we provided the games… it was one of the best family nights ever!


We walked over and were met with this! SO funny!


I made the score sheet and totally screwed up! The totals should be at the bottom so ignore that part! Otherwise it was fun to keep score! If it was a game that was about how many you could do then you got whatever your number was as your score. So if you stacked 4 apples you had a score of 4 for that game. For the games that you either finished it or not then you got a 1 if you did it and a 0 if you didn’t. I think. I can’t really remember and forgot to take an after shot of the score card!


heart a stack


Heart-a-stack is as obvious as the name. You have one minute to stack as many hearts as possible!


junk in the trunk

Junk-in-the-trunk was hysterical! You take a Kleenex box and take out the plastic part plus all of the tissues. Then you tie it to your waist and fill it with ping pong balls. You have one minute to get them all out! I think everyone did this one!

m and m race

M&M Race was harder than it looks! Fill one plate with M&Ms and using a straw move as many M&Ms from the full plate to the empty plate. We scored this by how many M&Ms you were able to move over. Some were better than others but this was hard!


Elephant was SO funny! We took a dozen or so unopened water bottles and put them in two rows. Then you take a pair of tights (we used the warm little girl tights my girls live in all winter), put a baseball in the bottom of one leg and them stick it on your head. Without using your hands you have one minute to knock down all the bottles. Bailey was a rock star and did it SO fast! I was horrible and literally in the last few seconds got them all down! It was super funny… they all were really!

Chocolate Unicorn was awesome and only the adults did it! Actually, we were tired by then so the guys just did it to Kelly and I! You stack as many chocolate donuts on your head as possible in a minute but it was late so we just had Chris and Tim put them on our foreheads… so fun and whenever you see me in a shot I think it was Riley that took the photos! She did a great job!


cookie face


Cookie Face was awesome but IMPOSSIBLE! Chris was the only one that got the Oreo from his forehead to his mouth in a minute with no hands! He flipped it in the air and caught it while everyone else tried to sort of walk it down our face. This one made a huge mess and was so so hard!

bite me

Bite Me was my FAVORITE! We laughed so hard! You take paper bags (I forgot how many but maybe 5 or so) and cut the tops off at different heights. Without using your hands you have to pick the bag up with your mouth and move it to the table. It took some serious yoga moves! Chris is such an amazing athlete but SO not flexible and I think this was one he couldn’t do! The kids were great at it!

apple stack


I was really good at the stacking games! These were good for all ages! So easy… how many apples can you stack up in one minute? You have to look close at people’s faces in these! Hysterical!


a bit dicey

A Bit Dicey…. Parker’s and Kelly’s face had me ROLLING when I was going through these! You had to put a tongue depressor in your mouth and stack dice…. not sure if this is in the official rules or not but we had someone holding the dice for the player to grab b/c having them on a table was too hard.

defying gravity

At first we said adults had to keep three balloons in the air for a minute and kids two balloons. NO ONE got either of those! So we started over and adults had to keep two balloons, kids just one. It was pretty funny and you’d think keeping two balloons up wouldn’t be tough but it really was!

All in all it was an awesome family night with friends! It was a bit pricey buying all the supplies (and I had prizes for the winners) but totally worth it! We all had a lot of fun and the kids LOVED it!

Totally worth trying… today’s snow day reminded me of this because today would have been a perfect day to play again! Hope everyone survived their snow day today! I am VERY excited for school tomorrow! HA!