Let me start this exciting post off with a few business items… if you are a current or future client please read carefully!

1. We have purchased a NEW ordering website that is costing us an arm and a leg but is making ordering a MILLION times easier for our clients! You can now see all of our products, wall galleries and packages.. you also get a slideshow to share with family/friends! It really is awesome BUT because we are paying such a premium to bring ease of ordering to our clients we are now being sticklers about the ordering process. THAT MEANS… when your gallery goes up on Thursday it COMES DOWN ON MONDAY. Period. And if you don’t get your order in the gallery comes down automatically so you’ll have to pay $75 to re-open your gallery. This is our policy, it has been for a long time, but we are mentioning it here b/c we are now making NO exceptions! If you know the weekend your gallery is going to be live is bad for you please let Kim know ahead of time and we can push your gallery to another weekend at no charge, but once it’s up it’s up and once it’s down it’s down!

2. Piggy backing off #1, if you have not ordered from a 2009/2010 session you have until July 1st and then we are purging ALL un-ordered files! There are a few clients that have NEVER ordered and you have until July 1st to email Kim at [email protected] to place your order. She will open your gallery for 5 days and then that’s your last change to get your order in!

3. We have been pretty flexible about session fees but from here on out we will not photograph your session until your session fee is paid. So please send it via paypal to [email protected], send it back with your welcome packet or order it through our site HERE. We just can’t do work unpaid anymore.


I had to get all those things out before I could tell you our fun news!


We are just loving our seniors lately and want to take our senior photography to the next level! New prices, a new look, etc! Please go check it out!


We are also including a special senior contest! All 2011 seniors that book a session (and pay for the session) before July 1st will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to the mall of their choice! West County, Galleria, Frontenac, Chesterfield, etc! $100! For YOU not your mom! HA! So go HERE to book your session and be entered to win!

Also! If you refer a friend make sure they tell us who referred them and we will enter you in twice! Refer two friends and get three chances to win!