Yesterday Kim and I got to hang out with Owen. He was sweet as can be and once he fell asleep he was a rockstar! It’s always funny b/c every single one of our clients thinks we want their baby’s awake and really Kim and I are just waiting for them to fall asleep! When a newborn is awake they are all crazy and flailing and their eyes don’t always focus or go cross-eyed and they have no control of their arms/legs/head/anything! Makes for tough photos. We just LOVE those sleepy newborns… but lately I feel like we have been getting some fun shots of them all WIDE awake too!

Look at that little mouth! Too cute!

Owen’s Momma, Annie, Painted his walls… isn’t that awesome? Love it!

I was totally obsessed with his lips! Oh Lips! Love them!

I’ve known Owen’s dad, Brad, since we were kids. We grew up at the same church. We went on vacation together, our families I mean. We were in youth group together. I still see his mom and dad when we make it to church on Sunday’s! And although I know I have three kids so it’ shouldn’t feel strange to see my old friends having babies, it is. Strange. And then when I saw Brad hold Owen, when I saw how he looked at him, how he looked at Annie, the strangeness went away and I was just so so happy for them. I felt like I should hug him and welcome him+them to this crazy amazing club! Parenthood.

And I don’t know if you can tell, but these two guys look EXACTLY alike! Look at those noses! It’s a perfect match! Kim and I just kept saying what a “little brad” Owen is!

Thanks Annie and Brad for having us over yesterday! Owen is beautiful!