I saw THIS this morning and thought it was a great idea!

A few years ago we were broke and I went to get gas. I had to pre-pay because I only have $10 to spend so I went inside and said I wanted to put $10 on pump 3. The woman smiled at me and said there was already $30 on there and to enjoy the free gas! I was speechless and she said that someone wanted to make someone’s day easier.

That has stuck with me. And when I can I try to help whether that’s stopping to ask a biker in the rain if he needs a ride or helping push someone’s car to the side of the street or just holding the door for someone. I try my best to pay it forward but I’m not intentional every day with it and I can certainly get better.

SO. Today is PAY IT FORWARD day and I am totally on board! I haven’t figured out what I want to do but I’m thinking the gas idea is perfect because it seriously saved me that day someone did it for me.

AND if you pay it forward somehow please leave it in the comments and we’ll pick our favorite idea and give a $10 iTunes gift card away! This is obviously ON YOUR HONOR b/c we don’t know if you actually did anything or not so please be honest. And don’t tell us what you WANT to do, tell us what you DID after you’ve done it. Then we’ll pick our fav and you’ll get some new Christmas music this season!

UPDATE ::: we’re extending this until Sunday! I’m loving the stories in the comments so we’re giving you guys a few more days to pay it forward! Tonight on my way home when I stopped to get my soda I gave $20 to the cashier and asked her to put it on the pump the next car came to… she thought I was crazy but I’m praying someone who needs it pulls up there tonight! Anyway, any random act of kindness you do will enter you to win not only the iTunes gift card but also a gift box from Greening Sam and Avery (or my awesome sister!)! Details on the gift to come! Sunday we’ll pick the winner!