So. Are you are one of those people, wondering how we get our sweet newborns into all of those baskets and bowls and containers and scales without waking them up?

Well, sometimes we have to improvise! And sometimes it’s not even OUR idea! Sometimes our mom’s have a great idea on how to get their baby to stay asleep for the one killer shot they hired us for… like Jennifer, who really wanted a hanging scale shot, but whose daughter was NOT having it. At all.

But if you see the photo, you’d think she was totally happy hanging in mid-air sound asleep in our scale…

Sleeping. Happy. Peaceful. Cozy even.

So HOW IN THE WORLD did we get a wide awake baby, who screamed every time we got her in the scale to finally fall asleep?

Nursing. In the scale.

Can you even believe it?

And the BEST part is that it was Jen’s idea! HA! I LOVE it when our mom’s are on board for making it work!

Jen, you are a rock star!