You know how you get an idea and then you can’t sleep until it comes to fruition? That’s what happened to me this week after I bought a birds-eye maple dressing table and chair for $25 at a yard sale in Cuba, MO. The second I saw it I knew I had to have it for my own girls but I also instantly got an idea for a newborn session and lucky for me we had Sadie coming to the studio this week with her two big sisters! It wouldn’t be the same shot if the siblings were boys so this was just perfect!

Again, for photographers specifically, we wanted this to look vintage, like these little girls were playing dress-ups in their grandmother’s attic. So we scoured our houses and my mom’s house and my MIL’s house for items to style the shoot. Then we decided that putting the girls in solid white would help keep the simplicity of the shot cohesive. We got Sadie comfy on the table and then put the big girls where we wanted them… then we let them just play!

I know these shoots are different than what we have done in the past or what we normally do, but I have to say, Kim and I are having a blast thinking up and gathering all the props to make these work! To step out of the box a bit creatively is SO good for the soul! We are shooting different, posing different, editing different… it’s been so awesome!

We won’t be doing these for all of our clients, but as the mood strikes us we may just be asking some of our clients to let us play a bit more than normal! Thanks to Becky for bringing all three girls out one last time so we could get this shoot in! We hope you love them!

And one more note… we had a few emails from upcoming newborn clients after one of the other Sadie posts when I said that more and more we’re just shooting the baby and not the family. Here is the main reason why… once we opened the studio we were able to cut our session fee in half allowing more people to be able to afford us but now we aren’t in your homes, you are in mine actually! So we’ve sort of lost the ability to have you all climb into bed and cuddle with one another or get those natural family shots we used to do. If you really desire a more natural newborn session we do still offer our old session fee where we come to your home but the price is double what it is to come to the studio. So just keep that in mind when you decide which session to book. I had three emails about this this week so I thought mentioning it here might clear a few things up!

In the next four days we have three family sessions, two newborn sessions (one with twins!), Bailey’s birthday party and the July Fresh Mom’s Class! This blog will be hopping for a while!

Happy Saturday!