So much to say and not much to say.


I blogged over HERE today. And all I really blogged was an old post of mine from HERE. And as I was cruising around on that old blog it made me sad b/c I used to write SO MUCH MORE about my life and the kids. Our business took off and that’s what we blog about… but if Kim doesn’t mind… I’m going to start writing more just for ME. Does anyone else mind??? And maybe that will inspire Kim to write too? HA!


Speaking of blogging HERE, she blogged about me HERE as well! I answered some questions for her and had a blast! Thanks Tam! I’ve hijacked her blog for the week so check back over there!


We’re probably not BIG enough for this, but I thought it looked like fun! Have any questions for us? Dying to know something? Bored? Go check us out HERE!


The BEST momma blog post I’ve read in a long time. Made me cry. And want to go wake up the kids and just hold them.


Ever heard of GROUPON? It intrigues me.


I will leave you tonight with a conversation I overheard while C was giving the kids a bath tonight (YEAH for early practices!)…

Bailey: Daddy, do I have a hole in my bottom?

C: Yeah and stop putting your fingers there.

B: But why? It’s a HOLE in my BOTTOM!

C: Because then your fingers will be stinky!

And if it went on from there I missed it because I was laughing so hard! Ah to be parents. It really is a blessing!