As we speak Kim is at the hospital doing something most women would LOVE to do! She’s having a little cosmetic surgery to nip and tuck her tummy after a year where she lost SEVENTY pounds! After seven kids I think anyone would want a little tummy tuck! Heck, after three kids I’d love one!

So although this is elective and she’s excited, it’s still surgery and I’d love for you guys to send out a little prayer that her doctors have steady hands and extra caffeine today!

Kim has been reluctant to talk about her weight loss because she’s the most humble person you’ll ever meet… but you guys… she’s rocked it out this year! And she looks AMAZING! As soon as her swelling goes down and she’s back to normal, or to her NEW normal, I’m going to make her let me photograph her so you can see a “before” and “after”! She’s always been beautiful but now that SHE feels beautiful it’s like she glows! I’ve loved watching her transform herself and gain confidence this year… it’s been an incredible inspiration to me!

So Kim, my friend, good luck today! Enjoy the rest and I pray the pain is tolerable. I think what you’re doing is awesome and you should be so proud of yourself for how far you’ve come this year!