Man. Today was a whole new ballgame.

Mostly due to the fact that this super sick little girl was starting to feel a bit better!


*crappy photo taken on a SICK day in the near dark… excuse the grain!

She was feeling well enough to do two art projects with me this morning while Bailey was at school… Grayson even had his first painting lesson. The LESSON part being the whole “do not eat the paint” part. We’re still working on it for sure!

Then while Bailey went to her first official after-school playdate, Chris met us for lunch (as did his mom and brother!), which was awesome. Soup at Bread Co. can cure any little person!

AND of course having Daddy home ALL AFTERNOON was awesome too. Honestly, I think the day was good b/c I knew my solo parenting was over at noon! A HUGE change from the whole 9pm thing. And with Daddy home to nap with the littles I got to go meet Bailey at the McDonald’s play land… I will NOT stop this blog to talk about my absolute and total fear of the germs in those places. No I will not.

THEN I got to hang out with my friend Angie for a little while (and ooh and ahh at the cute clothes her kids will be wearing in their photo shoot next weekend!) which was awesome. AND they ended up coming here for dinner and movie night for the kids. AND… the BEST PART?

I got to go out with three of my great friends to one of the worst movies ever! HA! Angie LOVED it so I had to add the AWFUL part in!


Actually, the music was killer and I could have watched the singing/dancing/performing all night. It was just the storyline and acting that was BAD BAD BAD.

But a BAD movie with GOOD friends is still totally amazing.

And now this week will be remembered NOT as WHINEFEST 2009 but instead as a great girls night out!

Thanks for dragging me out of my Mommy-depression! I’m totally ready to tackle the weekend!

The weekend with four mini sessions on Saturday and FIVE full sessions on Sunday! WTF? Oh yeah! It’s peak color baby and we are packing them in! SO excited!

Get prepared for some massive sneak peeks this weekend!