I’m typing this from bed where I’m snacking on cashews next to a wheezing Parker sound asleep next to me. And although I’ve already blogged once today I thought one more couldn’t hurt anything! Back in the day I was known to blog three or four times depending on how desperately I needed a break from my then, three under three!


If you want to read about my proudest mom moment to date go HERE. I keep looking at the photos and smiling. Love that I get to be a part of her story.

Also, I asked on FB for anyone that inquired about our Fresh Class coming up in January to email me if they did over the holiday and never heard back. I THINK I got everyone but feel like I’m missing some people. We decided to open the class up to more people because we’re going to have some helpers there that can, well, HELP US help you! I’m still working out details since our class has grown a bit but if you’ve signed up look for an email from me later this week.

AND if you are interested in learning more about your DSLR email me! Our class is fun and if I can teach my sister manual settings while driving a car enough that on her current vacation in Cabo she hasn’t gone back to auto I can teach anyone in a 3+ hour class! HA! AND she doesn’t have our awesome book that comes with the class! Rock on Abbie!

I am hoping to grab a kid tomorrow to pick a winner from our Christmas card Love Light contest but since it’s the first day back to school and my Mommy heart is sad this break is over it might not happen until Wed. Or Thursday. Or Sunday. But DUDE we haven’t forgotten and we will choose one of you soon!

Did you hear our Love Light sessions will be featured in Professional Photographers Magazine? Just saw the layout and it’s cool! Two lucky couples get to be famous! We gave them 15 images to pick from and they are printing two! SO fun!

Any pro-marketers out there? We are in NEED of a marketing wiz asap. Or an agent? Or someone to help us get from where we are to where we DREAM of being. Anyone interested?

Did I tell you my kid rocks? She does.

Any professional drywallers out there? Or certified for-realz electricians? We got a bid today to renovate THE STUDIO and we want to move quick but thought I would throw this out there in case anyone wants to trade rad photos for some work? My DAD thinks it’s about a days work so not a huge deal and someone could come weekends or evenings depending on our shooting schedule. Email me if interested!

What else do I need? HA!

We have a FUN announcement to make soon about someone that will be WORKING WITH US on a lot of our sessions! Can’t wait to share this with everyone because 9/10s of you totally know her IN REAL LIFE!

We love our Fresh Class but I keep wondering if anyone would be interested in learning about newborn photography from us? A workshop maybe? Maybe not? It’s not in our plan but it keeps swimming to the surface in my head. Hmmm.

Can you tell after my three meals in five days diet of extreme nausea and vomiting I’m feeling better and had caffeine for the first time? HA!

AND last but not least… anything you’d love to see us blog here in good ole’ 2011?