Because MAN I sure do!

I am CONSTANTLY coming up with BRILLIANT ideas in the shower. Like, curing cancer kids of great ideas! Ok, maybe just ideas for the next session we have or posing ideas or whatever BUT STILL. In MY world they are brilliant!

Anyway, I tweeted something yesterday about getting a great idea in the shower, or something, and someone picked up on it and told me about THIS!

I totally NEED this!

Don’t you just LOVE Twitter?

And on a separate but related topic, let me ask you this:

When is the las time you washed your feet? I mean like, bent down and got them all good and sudsy?

Because when I was up in Wisconsin the topic somehow came up and I confessed to my sister+mom that I only wash parts of my body! I start with my hair, then my face, then I do my armpits/chest/nether regions, shave my pits and DONE. Maybe every other week or so I hit up my legs with a razor (poor Chris!). But I figure, I guess, that parts like my stomach and feet and elbows or whatever have soapy water running over them the whole time so they’re fine!

Well, my sweet mother was TOTALLY DISGUSTED! She could not believe me AND my sister, who admitted the same thing, didn’t wash every square inch of our bodies! And I would blame it on the fact that I get 3 solid minutes to shower because of my kids, but I don’t think I ever cared much about my feet.

Is that gross? Are Abbie and I off our rockers? Abbie are you going to kill me for letting the internet know you don’t wash your feet? HA!

Would LOVE to hear your shower habits!