Just a quick post this Sunday night! We had an AMAZING weekend full of family with my sister in town but MAN am I exhausted! Having all the kids at church was the nail in my exhaustion coffin today! Chris was out of town all weekend, my sister and her husband left their girls for a couple of days and my dad was in choir so it was me and my mom with the five kids (plus we had a friend with us which made six!). It was comical, I’m sure, and totally disruptive too (sorry Emmanuel!). Anyway, after church and then a mad dash to soccer, Chris getting home, etc. I am SO glad the house is finally quiet. A quick blog post, some emails and then early to bed! I’m saving Dexter and Homeland for tomorrow while I edit! Oh and The Good Wife and Revenge… I LOVE PREMIERE TIME!

These guys are past clients who I LOVE seeing each year! Ray was just two I think the first time we met them! Pamela… you looked SO gorgeous but I’m just giving you a teaser tonight because your disc is going out this week!