The Beachy family are some of my oldest clients and I adore them. Amy is the mom I strive to be, with a constantly clean car and everything! Dale teaches like Chris so we have lots in common… including the fact that they had three kids in three years like we did. I was actually newly pregnant with Grayson on my first session with them and I remember watching her (Reagan, their youngest was maybe 3, is that right Amy?) and thinking that I maybe had a chance of survival b/c Amy seemed to have it all together! She gave me hope!

Now, a few years later and all I’ve learned is that AMY has it all together, or at least seemingly so, and I never will! HA!

So I’ve had many many sessions with the Beachy family, but the most fun has been this last year doing birthday sessions for all three kids. First Carson, then Luke and now Reagan! Our Playdate sessions are GREAT for this type of shoot… a little time one on one with your birthday girl!

But poor Reagan… her December birthday will always be a fairly chilly session and today was NO exception as it SNOWED the entire time! She was a total trooper though and made it through without shivering too badly! And I love some of the shots we got!

Thanks little miss Reagan for braving the snow and cold with me! You are too cute and it’s been such a pleasure watching you grow!

Watch for some fun Valentine’s Day announcements coming soon!