Kim and I ADORE sleepy babies! And tiny little Reese was no exception! She slept through the entire session so we were able to bounce her around from pose to pose so quickly it was incredible! What we got done in a couple of hours would normally take FOREVER but she was a rock star!

What made the session more fun was that I’ve known Reese’s mom, Alison, since we were kids. I spent many nights at her house, traveled with her family and have a million great memories from my childhood with her! And it’s always incredible to see your old friend become a new mom! Alison seems to be taking new mommy-hood in stride because she’s such a natural and relaxed mom!

And I’m so glad she let us capture her nursing… such an intimate moment that in the end is so fleeting! One day I will find the images my friend Emily took of me nursing Gray and share them here… some of my favorite times as a momma! Now get ready for a whole lot of images! It was too hard to decide which to leave out of their sneak peek!

Thanks for coming to the studio Alison and Nick! It was so great to meet Reese and capture these first days for you!

And if you LOVE monogrammed and appliqued clothing check out Alison’s work HERE! We use her exclusively! You’ll see my kids all over the site!