This was such a fun session! I could go on and on about how amazing RK is because well, she just IS! An incredible mom with such a giving heart. Kim and I met her years ago when she contacted us to volunteer for the first Shoot for Seamus. Not many people contact total strangers and offer to spend the entire day with them to give back to a family they’ve never met. Actually, we are so lucky to be surrounded by several people/friends/clients that have done that for us but I think RK was the first. She was also one of the first people to tell me about Dave Ramsey (who I’m totally obsessed with) and honestly share her financial story with me. I am an open book when it comes to our finances but I think I make a lot of people uncomfortable because so many think money needs to be private. I seriously don’t get it. It’s just money. Whether you have it or you don’t. Anyway, having known her only a few hours, the fact that she shared intimate details of their financial journey with me really struck me. It also stayed with me. There are so many ways RK has inspired me but watching her with her two beautiful girls at our session was the best. She has the smartest (her three year old is reading at a fourth grade level! It’s insane!) and happiest little girls you could ever meet! Kinlee came right up to me after getting out of their van and sat on my lap! SO friendly!

RK… you have touched my heart in so many ways and I hope that these images are just a tiny token of a BIG massive thank you for all that you’ve given me!

In our emails planning this session I think Randa-Kay’s exact words were “Braska isn’t really a ‘smile at the camera’ kind of girl…” HA! I love it when kids prove their mom wrong!

Welcome to a new week friends! Happy Monday!