I have to be quick today because my two littlest are home with me (our church preschool is closed for Easter Monday) and sitting at the computer for more than 5 minutes is like the invitation for arguing, whining and total unrest to begin. BUT I wanted to get Roman’s sweet sneak peek up because his parents are awesome and MAN did we all work hard to get his smiles! This little man LOVES his Momma! So eventually we banished Mom and Dad outside (luckily it was a gorgeous day!) and Kim and I were finally able to get him giggling! Thank goodness!

Happy Monday to you guys! Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by life after such a crazy (in a good way) weekend? My brain is this constant pull between needing to work, needing to do laundry/clean/etc and needing to hang with my kids. If only I could divide and conquer! HA!

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