Whew. Longest blog title in history.

First, you’ve ALL heard of the Mohr family by now and you know we’re hosting mini sessions to help off-set the cost of their upcoming adoption. What you may not know unless you know them personally, is that Russ is an incredible musician. I mean amazing.

Here’s a little back story, one I’ve never even told Russ.

I left college in my junior to come home and go to college locally, simply because I had a broken heart, had lost myself and was floundering. A good friend encouraged me to go to a new church in Kirkwood called Greentree Church. There I met a best friend, Jessica, and she encouraged me to go to their college group called Damascus Road. My first night at DR I met the Mohrs. They were a young married couple which was SO foreign for me as I’d just had my heart broken and so desperately wanted to be in their shoes but couldn’t imagine ever being there. And as DR started that first night, Russ lead worship. I grew up in the Episcopal church and contemporary worship music brought me closer to God than I ever knew was possible. It’s funny, but there are still some songs that I hear and can imagine exactly how Russ sang them all those years ago.  When I found out through the grapevine about their story of coming home with Elliot I emailed them immediately and offered to capture his first year at HOME for free. I offered that because they had such a huge impact in my relationship with the Lord I wanted to give back to them in any way I could. And to this day I still feel that way. No amount of work or time or energy I can give back will ever compare to them, Russ especially, having such a huge part in my walk with Christ. Although I would bet a million dollars he has no idea he played such a huge part in my testimony!

So he’s awesome. And his music is awesome. And for $10 you can go HERE and download his latest worship album! ALL proceeds go to their adoption.

Did you catch that?


Also, check out how he used our photo of him and his graphic design skills to make the artwork for the new album!

Someday when he wins a Grammy I hope he remembers us! HA!

AND last but not least tonight… we got to hang out with one of the sweetest babies today… Azelie! Her official sneak peek will come Wed/Thurs but tonight I had to show you a couple shots so that all of our Mohr Mini families can get a sneak at ONE of the awesome backdrops we’ve created for Saturday!

I am OBSESSED with that backdrop! We’ll share the behind the scenes soon!

But for all the families coming Saturday… it’s all going to be SUPER colorful and fun behind your kiddos so please bring clothes that coordinate! I’m sure Katie’s told you we don’t allow matching so get creative! And if you need to bring multiple outfits for Katie to choose from, bring them! We want to ROCK the 20 minutes you have! We’ll also have TONS of headbands for the little girls in the group! Some made especially for this set of minis using the fabric we bought! SO cool! More details on that soon too!

It’s a big week and we’re working so hard to get ready for Saturday! IF you emailed me to volunteer that day… we’ve moved inside so please email me for the address if I forgot to email you! Otherwise, check back soon for more of sweet Azelie (I wish we would have made her momma get in some b/c she is beyond adorable!)! Oh ok, you want one more of that baby girl?

Alright. You twisted my arm!