We have had three of the sweetest baby boys in the studio in the last week! And oh man oh man has it felt good to work with newborns after a two month hiatus! I’m not sure why some months have more newborns than others but we’ve been in a drought and now we’re making up for it I guess! I love it! I hope the cuteness of the studio helps to boost the newborn side of our business a little! Spread the word to your pregnant friends that we are looking for more babies this summer to fill the studio!

This little guy was sweet perfection his entire session. I think he only fed once, maybe, and just slept like an angel the rest of the time! We LOVE sleepy babies and he was a dream! His parents were pretty cool too!

KIM_2804 KIM_2939b KIM_2854  KIM_2925

More sweet babies coming soon!