I always say this, but let me say it again… we ARE NOT videographers! But sometimes a video just presents itself and at Ryan and Kalen’s wedding I couldn’t live with myself if i didn’t video some of their ceremony knowing they hadn’t hired a videographer.

They didn’t ask us to do this, they didn’t even know we took video, we just wanted to do something a little extra for a couple we just adore!

Now I will warn you… I took an entire ceremony and condensed it to under 6 minutes… but to some it might still be boring b/c it’s ceremony footage and not the reception. I will also warn you that I was up in the balcony the entire time and wish I had better angles. And last but not least, I will warn you that while videotaping I kept thinking about what their minister was saying and how precious his words would be to them someday… but then I got it home and realized that without a professional microphone or something I didn’t catch ONE WORD on my camera from way up in the balcony! Again, we are NOT videographers so screw-ups like that are par for the course!

All of that and I still love this little video! Ultimately it’s just for Kalen and Ryan but wanted to share it here too…

One more post for this honeymooning couple and we’ll be done sharing their awesome day! Stay tuned!


3 month old triplets in the studio tomorrow, newborn and senior on Saturday… lots and lots more to come! 🙂