Two BIG announcements for high school seniors!

1. We are offering a SALE for all of you 2010 grads that haven’t had your photos taken yet! If you book your session for the months of February or March you will receive 50% off your session fee! HALF OFF!

So your session that is normally $275 is now just $137.50! AND you still get 50 senior rep cards to pass out to all of your friends!

Yes, it IS cold outside but we have fun ways to keep you warm and make the session speed along so no worries! Email us today to get on the calendar… spaces will be limited!

2. We have decided to launch our 2011 Fresh Art Senior Reps program this year! What is a Fresh Art Senior Rep? Well… it is a junior right now who wants great senior photos and is willing to take them a bit early to earn lots of free stuff and talk about Fresh Art to all of your friends! You will basically be a spokes model for us! You need to be outgoing and stylish and fun and be willing to tell all your friends about Fresh Art to get them to book us for their senior photos too!

Wondering what’s in it for you?

First, you get your session for FREE! A savings of $275! Your parents will LOVE that! Then you will get 100 senior rep cards for free as well as a spiral bound proof book containing ALL of your images! You will also be able to earn MORE FREE STUFF like print credits and gift certificates to places like Bread Co and iTunes when your friends book with us! You’ll also get 10 of your images in websized files to share on Facebook!

We will be accepting a Senior Rep or two from each high school in St. Louis so space is limited! If you are interested in learning more please fill out our application HERE!

And to tempt you, here are some of our 2009/2010 seniors!