Do you remember last year when we did something like 27 sessions in October alone? Yeah. That’s SO not happening this fall. The benefit? Kim and I are actually enjoying our lives now! If someone asks me how I’m doing I don’t have to answer BUSY every day anymore! I am working a second job so my days are full of course, but last year there were weekends we’d cram 6 sessions in two days! Now we’re shooting 2 sessions a weekend MAX and it feels great! Of course I still struggle to return all the emails I get and got really behind on packaging while we were moving but that should all get better too once the move is totally finalized and life settles back into a groove.

All that to say… our monthly Fresh Favorites will be less crazy and I think that’s a good thing! This month we had some SUPER cute babies, one adorable belly, a gorgeous senior and two cute little boys! It was a great month! We’re excited to welcome October today with the September Fresh Favorites because you know, we’re a day late! Sorry! Somehow the end of the month always creeps up on us and it’s usually Kim who remembers!

Now… wondering what the prize is??? I’ll announce it after you see all these gorgeous clients of ours!

#1 – Ella
st. louis newborn photography

#2 – August
st. louis newborn photographers

#3 – Stephanie
st. louis high school senior photography

#4 – Jeremiah
st. louis newborn photography

#5 – Solomon Family
St. Louis Maternity Family Photographers

#6 – Landon
St. Louis Newborn Photographers

#7 – Jeanmougin Family
St. Louis Family Photography

#8 – Azelie & Cami
St. Louis Newborn Twin Photographers

To vote you have to leave a comment on THIS post! You know the drill!

And the prize???

An 8×10 print from the wonderful Jessica Rose of Vol.25! Her prints come on beautiful canvas paper and look gorgeous framed! I yanked a few from her site that I personally own…

(the last one I just bought b/c it is SO Dave Ramsey and SO what we’re all about right now! LOVE!)

So when you win you can go pick out your FAVORITE print and we’ll have it shipped right to you! You’ll love them as a little touch of whimsy in your home!

Good luck September clients! Contest ends tonight at midnight!

UPDATE!!! Jessica Rose just said she’d add in a SECOND free print for the winner!!! AND she’s having a buy 2 get one free sale in her shop right now! A great time to think ahead for Christmas!!! That “happiness is homemade” may or may not have been bought ahead for someone’s mom’s November birthday! HA! THANKS JESS!