I do not claim to be a videographer.

But at Shayne and Dan’s reception Saturday night the room was dark. I mean DARK. And while Kim used flash I was kind of stuck. So for a little while I pretended to work while she worked her ass off, which was easy b/c Shayne is Chris’s cousin so I could move around mingling with all the people I knew and Kim wouldn’t have been the wiser. But then, about 20 minutes in to my “work” I realized I could shoot video. That my camera actually takes decent video in little to no available light.

So I started shooting.

In the dark.

Which means you’ll have to ignore the poor excuse for focus I had going on and which also means you’ll have to EMBRACE THE GRAIN!

But even with all that I did wrong, I LOVE how this captured their night! Their family and friends enjoying themselves at their party! People laughing and dancing and hugging and loving.

Oh, and a MAJOR disclaimer to the song choice.

We DO NOT own the rights to this song. But I am obsessed with it. So rather than lie and tell you we owned it, I’m being up front and telling you we don’t. But I’m also going to tell you to GO BUY THIS SONG on iTunes! It’s awesome and will make you smile all day long if you add it to your play list! HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE and seriously, go buy their song called HOME. It’s so rad. And Edward, if you find this, I love your song and I hope you love how I used it!


Enjoy the video!