First, we had only ONE person get ALL of the photos right yesterday! So ERIN you get the whole enchilada! $15 to iTunes coming your way! Shoot me your info at [email protected]! That was a fun way to spend the middle of the week huh?

Second, I want to tell you a bit about the other part of the Shoot for Seamus.

When we contacted The St. Louis Children’s Hospital about donating money I got to talking with them about a few different ideas we had. That conversation lead to more and more conversations and now we are officially partnering with them!

Which on a small scale means we have permission to use their logo!I just think that’s cool! HA!

On a larger scale it means we’re going to be donating our time down there more than ever! Kim and I are so excited to be partnering with them because we have such a heart for their NICU. And their nurses. The nurses are really what make them amazing!

I will go into more details later, but on April 23rd, the anniversary of Seamus’ death, we will be in the garden on the hospital’s roof photographing babies and their families from the NICU!


Actually, we need help at both the Shoot for Seamus on April 17th AND on April 23rd.

We need volunteers to hang with us all day, check in clients, organize people, run food errands, help wrangle kids, etc. They will both be long days but you’ll be giving back to an amazing cause and we will have cool thank you’s for you!

This weekend (or early next week) I will be blogging Seamus’ story with photographs from those hard days so that you can get a taste of what we’ll be doing on the 23rd… but here is an example of the JOY you’ll experience in that garden when a family gets to finally bring their baby outside…

It really will be an incredible day! They both will!

So if you are interested in volunteering please shoot me an email… and this can be anyone! Someone that has a heart for the NICU, someone that loves Tom and Sharon, someone that wants to see how we work, etc. We don’t care, we just need help!