Yesterday Kim and I hung out in a semi-abandoned industrial park from 8am-6pm. We photographed ten amazing families, had awesome helpers and spent the day remembering+honoring little Seamus Johnston. We also watched a homeless man urinate out of a window but that’s a story for another day! HA! It really was an incredible day and we’ll go more into details over the next few blog posts as we show you the sneak peeks as well as tell the stories from the day. Including the flying steam of pee pee! For now here are the sneak peeks from our first three sessions yesterday!


We started our day with the Wolter family. Amy was one of Seamus’ nurses in the NICU at SLCH and I know Tom+Sharon had a great time catching up with her while we photographed her three adorable kids!

Thanks for bringing the kids out, Amy! It was great to meet you guys!


After the Wolters we got to see the Meier family. You will remember Pamela, Nolan, Ray and sweet little Elijah from HERE and HERE

It was so good to see and hug Pamela again. I haven’t seen her since Elijah’s birth back in November but I know both Kim and I think of their family daily. We were talking at lunch about how both Elijah and Seamus are on our hearts every single day. Two little boys who will never be forgotten.

And even though when we think of the Meiers we instantly think of Elijah, yesterday was all about RAY!

He just turned three so they used their session for his third birthday session! And OMGosh is Ray hilarious! He has more facial expressions than any other kid I know, and that’s saying a lot b/c I live with Ms. Parker Jane Allen every day! HA! Oh, and I just have to tell you that he looked at the buildings around where we were shooting and said, and I QUOTE, “that building looks dilapidated!”



He was right of course but what new 3 year old says that?

Anyway, it was GREAT to see you guys again! And SO glad you were able to stay and hang out, Pamela!


It’s a good thing the Clowers were our third session of the day because every time we’ve photographed Audrey, her dad starts stalking our blog! So here you go, Ed! I told you we’d get you up right away!

We got to meet Sonja and Ed almost a year ago for their maternity session, then of course we saw them at Audrey’s newborn session (and in teasing Ed, HERE and HERE too) and then we were lucky enough to have them out to the Valentine Day minis too! They are officially a Fresh Art family and one we truly love! 

We love enough that somehow both Kim and I talk to Ed like he’s our brother! Just wait until we show you the behind the scenes photos and the SOCKS+SHOES he wore yesterday! They were rockin’! HA! Let’s just say we definitely did NOT rib him the entire 30 minutes about the foot choices he made!

We seriously LOVE this family! Thanks for coming out to support the NICU, Clowers! It was great to see you!

SHOOT FOR SEAMUS #4, 5 and 6 coming tomorrow!