Today is the anniversary of Seamus Johnston’s death. And I hate that. It’s the second anniversary actually which amazes me because at times, for me, it still feels like yesterday. If you want a look back read HERE about last year’s Shoot for Seamus and HERE to see a sweet baby that benefited, but the most important post of this journey, I think, is HERE (this one is a tear jerker).

What I find fascinating though, is that this year, unlike last year, I’ve been looking forward to it. Because today we are doing the second annual Shoot for Seamus in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU. So it’s not that I’m not sad today, remembering where I was two years ago with Tom and Sharon, because I am. I am heartsick for my friends. But knowing that we’re going to be able to give families in need a glimmer of joy is exciting. And knowing we’re going to laugh all day with our good friends is awesome. And looking forward to chatting at Pickles for lunch afterward is the best!

Today will be a great day but I encourage you to please please leave a comment letting Tom and Sharon that Seamus isn’t forgotten. Because he’s not.

We will be back to share today’s images soon and thanks in advance for any prayers you can offer the families we meet in the NICU and for healing for the Johnstons. I love that today fell on Easter weekend.