We’ve had some super mild winters lately so if we get even a sprinkling of snow my kids go crazy! Over Christmas break we got maybe two inches? Maybe just one, I am the worst at guessing how much snow is on the ground. Anyway, it wasn’t a lot and in most places you could still see grass sticking through but my kids were SO excited! The first second we could, we walked down to the park at the end of our street (we’re so lucky!) to let them run around a little. Chris and the kids had a snowball fight, they made snow angels and it was a good hour outside until we all were too cold! Ok, actually, I was too cold, but if Mommy’s unhappy everyone’s unhappy! HA! We went home and they all stayed outside for a few hours more! Chris started a fire and they had so much fun! I cleaned out the basement and was happy just being warm!

They were so sad this didn’t work! A Christmas Story is a favorite movie around here and they really wanted to get stuck!

I’m so glad I passed the camera to Chris for this but man I wish Gray was smiling! I’m really just happy it’s in focus!

We had a really great break together!