Oh man oh man! I think part of breaking out of my funk (aside from the fact that I haven’t had soda since Wednesday and feel GREAT! I know, surprising huh?) is to get out there and shoot again! The creativeness it takes for Love Light just totally inspires me! And they are FUN sessions! We laughed so hard with Tony and Angela the other night! They were SO great!

Because we realized how much we love these shoots we’re going to extend our Love Light half off offer! Through MARCH and APRIL! If you book IN March/April you’ll receive the session half off! Email us if interested!

Thanks for a great night Angela and Tony! It was a blast to meet you guys and run around in the freezing cold together!


And the winner of the February Fresh Favorites?

Was there any question? I mean the Goltermann’s are practically professionals at this point! So little Gretchen… shoot me an email (oh yes, this three month old has her own gmail account! And she sends me photos every week all by herself!) and we can talk about your cards!

Thanks to all who voted!