The Weiss family escaped the dreary St. Louis weather and headed down to Gulf Shores, AL for the week for spring break!  (though, checking weather back home, the week seems to be looking pretty decent now)

We are not the type that like vacations that are all go-go-go.  My kids much prefer to spend the week running around outside on the beach, splashing in the water, and searching for good shells, over any amusement park!  So they are pretty much in heaven this week as we’ve rented a house right on the beach and are enjoying fabulous weather.  Water is much too cold to me, but it doesn’t stop the older kids from getting in!

Here are a few images pulled from my card so far… more of the older boys who are playing lots of beach football and boogie boarding later!

Got to love the missing teeth smile!

always the comedian

and not to be outdone….

Sophie giggles and laughs the entire time on the beach.  LOVES IT seems like such an understatement.   She was a year and a half the last time we were here, and I guess she doesn’t really remember… upon seeing the sand for the first time, she exclaimed “SNOW!!”

Miss Abby, who kept trying to block me from snapping a photo of her, but she just looked so beautiful with the sun lighting her and showing off her freckles that have popped out again already!

the way the beach air makes her curls go crazy makes me swoon!

We are all going to be really sad when this week ends!