Not sure where you lay your head, but here in St. Louis we had the most glorious weekend imaginable. Seriously. It was like I’d been starving and someone took me to Outback for a huge steak dinner. With extra mashed potatoes. And dessert.

The sun. The warmth. The sky. The blue blue sky.

We got to work in the yard for the first time in at least a year… we finally have kids old enough to play outside around us while we work! YAHOO for toddlers+preschoolers vs. baby+toddlers! We raked and bagged and weeded and trimmed and mulched. There is nothing like flower bed covered in new mulch to make you smile every time you pull in the driveway!

I am now attributing like 99% of my mood to the weather. Because even today, a gloomy semi-chilly day, my friend mentioned how I was taking my craptastic car-stuck-in-the-mud-flat-tire-busted-windshield-wipers-morning in stride. AND I WAS! I laughed about it! Got the car fixed and moved on. And am working in a straightened house with dinner simmering so I can feed my family and enjoy the craziest time of day with my kids!

I AM HAVING A GOOD DAY and a month ago I wouldn’t have.

So THANK YOU GOD for bringing spring!

*macros lens play yesterday…