I’m so excited to tell you that we’re doing a giveaway over at STL MOMMY! Head over there if you want a chance to win a FREE session!

And Kim who runs STL Mommy is a saint in my book… she is personally responsible for getting me to cut coupons! Not that I do it much anymore, but I do ALWAYS sign up for the free things she lists in her Goodie Bags! Her site is seriously amazing… she basically finds every deal you could ever imagine and shares them with the general public! I have NO idea how she finds all these coupons and discounts and freebies! And I can’t tell you how fun it is to receive free stuff in the mail! We get samples to so many products sent here and every time it is like a little Christmas in the mailbox!

And although it does have some St. Louis specific deals, most of it can be used by anyone! So even if you’re not from around here but love good deals you’ve got to take a look!

Thanks Kim for hosting the giveaway!