When we first started the session on Saturday we were on a roof. And the first thing I did when we got up there was spin around singing CHIM CHIMNEY CHIM CHIMNEY… HA! But seriously, the roof was awesome. And we were there FOREVER working with the lights and letting Katie pose Dana+Joe before we headed to the second location (from the images up last night). It was so so great though! We’ve never had so many awesome+creative people at one session and it was incredible! Katie and Russ are a creative force to be reckoned with! They are so talented and we love working with them… Katie wrote about the session HERE if you want to hear her take on the day!

I’m going to show you some behind the scenes shots in case you’re curious what we were doing! I’m sure most of you understand and know how to use lights outside a studio, and I guess we do too (Kim is really the master of lights!) but some of you might not so if this can help, great!

See Russ holding the lights in both photos? The wind was brisk enough it kept threatening to take the entire light away!

So before I show you some of the shots we got with the light… here are a couple that I took with just natural lighting. I really did love what we got with the light, but I will always love natural light as well. It’s just where my heart is I think. But I’d love to hear what you think! And now, how about some LIGHT!

And I might as well start with the BEST shots of the day! HA! These were while we were testing the light… inspired by my singing maybe? SO funny!

Now for the REAL photos! Sorry Russ, but I HAD to! You know Katie would have done it too… it’s all for the blog!

I’m not crazy, I swear! HA! I just had to post this though!

And our beautifully creative couple!

Thanks again Katie+Russ and Joe+Dana… one more post coming tomorrow and then we’re taking a break for Thanksgiving!