So let’s see if you all can follow this…

Baby Claire was born 7 days ago to Lisa and Jake. Lisa and Jake are friends with THEM, went to the same college as HIS parents and Lisa is BFF with HER.

It’s really fun when you start working for people that all know each other!

So this morning Kim and I started our day out with the sweet Amundson family! To capture Claire’s first days. And we are always so honored to be welcomed into a family’s home to photograph their brand new baby. And Kim and I always thoroughly enjoy our baby fix!


The bowl she’s in was Lisa’s grandmother’s bowl she received on her wedding day! We LOVE bringing pieces of the family into their shots and we were SO excited Lisa thought of this!


Big sister Charlotte was so great! LOVING her new role too!



I love that shot. OH she looks like a cuddly fall baby! Love it! AND.. Kim made the knit items! Awesome!

So we were part-way through the session when the doorbell rang and I was assuming it was a Grandma or something to come play with Charlotte, but instead it was HER son with his babysitter! They were sent by Katie to be stuck in some costume pics! Katie, the total session hog! HA!



I guess Elliot and Charlotte always dress up together and this year they got to include little Claire as the Ewok!  So Katie just sent Elliot on over! HA!  Free photos anyone? LOL!

And then to end the session, you know we had to experiment a little! Just a fun + funky shot!


We have to play or we’d get bored!

Thanks Lisa, Jake, Charlotte and Claire! We LOVED meeting you! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your family!