Jodie and I got to meet sweet little Brynn yesterday.  Mom Sherri is a dear friend of mine, our boys are best buddies… as in, my Samuel will go home to spend the night with him on Friday, and Sherri and I say, “see you sometime Sunday!” because it’s just a given that they spend the entire weekend together… and vice versa.

I also remember not toooo long ago, Sherri and I talking about how we were both SO done with having babies, I’m sure she was teasing ME about having another, but both being of “advanced maternal age” we laughed and laughed… DONE!  But Miss Brynn had other plans for their family in mind!  And what a sweet little surprise she is!

Sherri told me Brynn is a very easy baby, and they hardly see her eyes open during the day…. and she was spot on!  Brynn was putty in our hands!  And she’ll also be the very first star of our tutorial videos we are hoping to share very soon!!

Hope you love these, Sherri!  (she purposely didn’t watch us so she could be surprised!)  She looks so much like big sister Emma!