I am writing to you from a HOTEL room with NO children around! YAHOO! Chris and I got away for the weekend to a Christian Coaching conference (CTO) and it’s been fabulous so far! Meeting new people (like Adam Wainwright and Grant Williams), learning a ton AND enjoying a few days KID FREE! Amazing!

Kim is also out of town enjoying time with Bill and their oldest, Abby while the rest of her brood is hanging at home with Grandma!


We’re buying a house. And I’m starting a new job soon (not leaving Fresh Art, just my parents construction company). And we have to paint+rip out carpet+buy appliances+MOVE by the first week of July.


The blog may be a little empty for a while. And we may take a little longer to answer emails (who knew buying a house was so complicated? wow!). So please be patient with us (mainly me!) because there is a whole lotta change happening around here! I can’t wait to show you our HOME though and tell you about my new job!

For now… just enjoy the heck out of your summer! We’re running our kids so hard even Bailey is taking summer naps! I love this shot of her sound asleep last week! It just screams happy summer days to me!