I love Ten on Tuesday posts! I wish I could commit to them every week!

1. Just posted the Holiday Mini sneak peek on Facebook! We had some CUTE kids this year! Discs go out after the holiday! And the holiday wrapping is adorable this year if I do say so myself! HA!

2. Sunday we had Parker’s blessing day to make my friend Angie her God Mother. It was so amazing and needs a post all its own but basically Parker’s original God Mother left the country and cut us out of her life. It’s sad for me to lose a friend but just not fair to my little PJ. She doesn’t deserve that… so after a couple of years just being sad about the whole thing Angie asked recently if she could “adopt” Parker as her God daughter. Without me asking or even having to think about asking she offered and it was one of the best gifts someone has ever given one of my kids. To step up and offer to pray for, care for and love Parker like her own is just something I couldn’t have dreamed about!

And we were able to do the blessing on her actual birthday so it made it just that much more special! Her Uncle Jack was able to come too so she had both of her God Parents there! She is one lucky kid! Bigger post with photos coming soon!

3. Someone asked me recently about the family alphabet book I made two years ago and HERE is the link! The cover image is linked HERE so download away! If I can get my act together I might make a new one again this year!

4. I LOVE this calendar idea from Elisa Blaha Cripe! Actually she got it from somewhere else but HERE is the link to hers…. I’m not a calendar person but if you are check it out!

5. My sweet friend Laura gives away the most amazing things but I truly loved these Thanksgiving treat toppers she created! Go HERE and download them for yourself! It’s not too late! I’m running out for little treats as soon as I finish this blog so the kids can pass them out tomorrow!

6. My friend Katherine has the most incredible gift ideas! It drives me crazy because my brain just doesn’t think like hers! One day I’m going to make a box like THIS and send it to someone special! Katherine… I’m actually working on something special for Frankie so it might make it to you before her second birthday! HA!

7. Have you heard of The Sandbucket? It’s a super cute magazine and I loved THIS idea on her blog recently. I used MOO.com business cards a few years ago to make a memory game and all the pieces are missing so I need to do another one!

8. Before the snow falls I want to try THIS project out with the kids! One more day of fall collecting will be so much fun and I just adore what they did there!

9. I think THIS would be another fun indoor winter project! LOVE her blog!

10. Wow! So when you’re sitting around on Thanksgiving with a full tummy maybe you’ll have time to go through all of those links! Trust me, they are worth it! I was going to post 10 random personal things happening around here and then it took a turn! Oh well! It’s always fun to share new things!

Happy Tuesday!