Everyone and their mom does this blog idea but with a few random things I need to share today I thought it was perfect!

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Check out our mention on the St. Louis Examiner HERE! Baby Lucy is famous!

2. My friend Cathy came over last week and brought her one month old son Max… of course I had to take a few shots! Here’s one of my favs…

Don’t you love that hair? Cathy lives in CO and I haven’t seen her in years so it was surreal to see her as a mom all of a sudden! But so so natural to see her as a mom! Just look at her!
But as sweet as that is the Cathy I know and love is below… big laughter that forces you to laugh right along with her!

Love that girl! Thanks for coming by Cath… it was so amazing to catch up and meet Max! Next time I want to meet Sam too!

3. My friend Jordan has been taking the most amazing self portraits lately. And although it’s totally inspiring me I keep thinking I’d like to take self portraits more if I was as beautiful and thin as she is! BUT… I’m going to force myself to take at least ONE self portrait a month b/c looking back, I’m not sure I’ve been in a photo at all this summer. I’m missing from our summer scrapbook! How sad is that? Go HERE to see her portrait!

4. Not sure you’ve heard of THIS lady but her blog is hands down my favorite right now! Read her for a long time but have fallen back in love as I dream of home projects! And her photography rocks too of course!

5. I’m working on a Christmas project for my nieces and have been cracking up at the images I’m gathering! These are for “silly smile”

Once it’s more together I will post images and tell you all about the idea! It’s been so much fun to work on so far!

6. This kid starts Kindergarten next Monday. Can anyone else believe she’s old enough for this?

7. We have spent oodles of time this summer at the Allen family lake house in Cuba, MO and this image alone sort of sums it up!

C’s Grandpa said one day while down there that a lake house isn’t a lake house until the fence is full! Love that!

8. If towels on a fence don’t remind me of the fun we had this summer these next two will! HA!

Look at my big strong man conquering the tube! The tube will submit. The tube is his. The tube is, wait, hold on, oh oh oh…

HAHAHA! Totally out of focus because I was laughing so hard!

That’s my man! Leader of our pack! HA!

9. I know I plug my sister a lot but if you haven’t checked out her new green craft blog you HAVE TO GO NOW! And look at THIS post b/c I will be doing a guest post over there next week as a follow-up! Then you’ll REALLY have to go over there! But go now! Go! NOW!

10. Getting ready to walk out the door for dinner with the talented ladies of L Photographie! Can’t wait to chat about being moms, running a photog business in STL and just getting to know each other better! If you remember we photographed Kristie’s son HERE!

And that’s a wrap! Hope you had a great Tuesday!