As Jodie mentioned, I am sending our baby to preschool this year.  And while that seems HUGE, I think the thing that has affected me most is the fact that my baby is finally potty trained.  Preschool, schmee-school, we are not buying diapers for the first time is almost 16 years!

Sophie and I had her open house last week, which was nice on Thursday because I think she’s getting bored with all this Mommy & Me time with the kids in school and would rather be hanging out with other little people.  We got to go in and see her classroom and drop off our supplies.  Sophie has her own crazy sense of style, and I used to do posts all the time featuring her fashion statements.  This is how she decided she wanted to go meet her teacher:

I did talk her out of the snow boots before we walked in, but be warned, Mrs. Berner, they may make a reappearance before the snow starts falling!

She (and *I*) really loved the neat light up table with shapes:

But then she found the babies!

and herself!  oh, how she loves herself!

and did I mention she loves babies?  Because she does!

So I’m confident she’s going to have a great time tomorrow, but it’s still very strange to think that ALL of our kids will be at school.  All those years when I had so many little ones at home to care for, when this time seemed so very far away, now it just seems like a blink ago.  And like the little old ladies that would smile at me as I was frazzled with a slew of little ones that I had to take to the grocery store alone because my husband was traveling would say, “enjoy this time, it goes so fast, and they are the best years,” now I’m the one saying those same things!

My current theme song (that totally makes me cry each time I hear it… yeah, I’m a total cry baby, but it’s so powerful!) is Blink by Revive: