More teacher love today!  All three of these girls hold a very special in my heart.

Emma is an amazing girl who (close your eyes, Emma) I would LOVE to arrange a marriage to my Jonathan to.  She was that girl that he’s never minded playing with or joking with, even though girls are really gross.  Emma’s just great, and sweet, and kind, and funny, and we love her!  She’s always been gorgeous, but the older she gets, the more downright STUNNING she is.

Then there is Laura, one of my Gracie’s BFFs.  Hilarious doesn’t begin to touch her humor… yeah, those beautiful blue eyes and adorable freckles draw you in, but the humor, oh the humor.

Lastly, Michelle, mom to these fabulous girls, a gifted teacher (who I hope isn’t cringing at my grammar!), and most of all a great friend.  I could gush on about her, but mostly, she will forever hold that special place as “THE” teacher in my Abby’s life that made such a huge impact.  She’ll get all humble and say she doesn’t get it, but she gave an awkward 7th grade girl some confidence that I just couldn’t give her… the assurance that the things she was feeling were okay and normal.  And she definitely gets the credit for Abby’s love of English and Literature and how well she performs in these subjects even now.  So we are forever grateful for her parts in our lives!

Thanks for coming out, girls!  Hope you love these!