Yesterday Bailey came up with an idea that the rest of the kids (mine plus our neighbors) implemented with my help and it totally revolutionized our backyard play time! Seriously, if you have a trampoline that you’ve taken the net off of because you don’t truly care about your kids safety AND you’ve placed it next to your deck so that your small children can climb up, precariously balance on the railing before jumping all the way down this is the PERFECT game for you!

You know I’m kidding right?

I mean, we don’t have a net anymore b/c it broke and we never replaced it. Oh and it IS right next to our deck. Ok. AND we taught them that they can jump off the deck ONLY if one of us is with them. Chris and I both grew up with trampolines so I think we might be a little casual with our safety protocols but DAMN our kids have fun! HA!

Oh Parker. She was pouting because someone took the ball. This kid will be my undoing! She’s so darn cute and so so funny and OH SO dramatic! The teenage years will be tough!

Of course she was a crazy happy kid the second she got a ball!

Then it was dinner time, Bailey got to go to a friend’s first grade musical at a different school so I treated Gray and PJ to a popsicle outside for dessert.

This shot cracks me up because at first all I saw was the dirt on his cheek until WOAH is he sucking HARD on that thing! HA! Do you see his neck?

Then while we were sucking the life out of our popsicles Daddy got home. When I casually mentioned our awesome invention, well, take a look…

I mean, seriously! He was WAY more excited than the kids! Like REALLY REALLY excited! Do you love Gray’s little face back there? Oh my boys. They kill me!