We had an awesome New Year’s Day. Chris and I got to wake up without the kids and that was SO nice! Waking up to a quiet house was just a nice slow start to the year and honestly, if you hear me talk about slowing down, giving myself a break, taking it easy, etc. a lot lately I think some of it stemmed from that morning. I remember lying there thinking about goals and a fresh start and all I want to accomplish and I actually had time to do just that. Lay in bed and think! It was so unlike my normal morning and so wonderful.

Then we met my parents and our kids for breakfast (which was awesome), came home, played a bit, I wrote down some thoughts from the morning and then everyone napped. While they slept, I read under my favorite quilt by the fire. It was SO nice. Then I grabbed my camera and decided to walk around capturing what was happening right then. Sometimes I like the idea of capturing a moment in time. So for one hour I took a few photos. Not a ton and not capturing the ENTIRE hour but just enough to give me a great reminder about our slow start to 2013.

Gray was so funny. He was sound asleep and after I took ONE photo he sat up, eyes closed, and then laid back down again!

I love that Gray keeps his favorite (random) toys of the day at the foot of his bed! When Bailey was little she always carried a purse and it was the same kind of random collection. I love this age.

I love that Bails is becoming a voracious reader! She didn’t sleep but she read an entire chapter book!

My little PJ was sound asleep.

The day after Christmas we took down the tree, rearranged the dining room and rearranged the girl’s room! It felt awesome to get so much done in one day and we LOVE the new layout of the girl’s room! You can’t really tell but we unbunked their beds and they are now in an L-shape. It’s opened the room up in a huge way and they actually WANT to play up there which is a blessing right now since the basement is gutted! We can not wait for construction to start so the kids can have their playroom back! Our 972 sq ft home is feeling like 972 sq ft right now!

When I came back down I let Bailey come with me since she was awake and we ran into C watching game film. Soccer doesn’t start for a few months but you’d never know it by all the time he puts into that team during the off-season. He is seriously the best coach!

Then I turned around and look who had just woken up! Kids just up from a nap are the BEST kids ever! I live for those cuddles!

I love that she puts her robe on before coming down in the morning AND after naps!

After the girls watched a show they BEGGED to go outside and sled with our neighbors. There was hardly any snow left but we let them!

We finally had to wake Gray up for dinner! HA! The kids actually stayed up until midnight with my parents and he was exhausted!

Such a great start to this year though!