Remember these cuties?

Grace, Emma and Jack! Well they are now in our Baby Plan and we just had them in the studio last week for their “smile” session! And just LOOK at these smiles!

Little Grace was definitely the biggest flirt of the day! She gave us so many smiles!

With our Baby Plan we suggest the sessions are at 3 months, 6 months and a year. But not all babies, especially multiples, develop at the same time so we really tell our parents to wait for the first Baby Plan session until they are smiling and then the second shoot is when they’re sitting up alone and then the last session is near their first birthday or when they’re standing. These three beauties are five months old!

When all three had gotten sick of us and our cameras they fell asleep! ALL THREE OF THEM! It was too cute to stop taking photos so we grabbed a bowl and attempted to get them each in there, asleep.


Have you ever tried to get a photo of a five month old baby asleep in a bowl? Neither had we! And MAN were we surprised that they STAYED asleep! But the best BEST part? It was THIS bowl we put them each in…

Wanna see how big they’ve gotten?

Can you believe that? How did we ever fit all three in there? HA! So cute!

And then a few of their funnier faces…


Sad Jack! HA! Look at that lip!

And Grace!

Thanks for bringing them all out again Angie! We’ll see you in a couple months when they’re all sitting up! And can you even imagine at a year when they’re all on the move? HA!