Back in September we held one of our Fresh Classes (info on our classes HERE) and sadly we only had THREE people submit images for the contest! Darn! And I thought it was kind of a fun one this time too! They were supposed to capture some kind of DIY. And I left it at that. I love to see people take a theme and run with it!

All we ever ask is that their straight out of camera (SOOC) images (meaning non-edited in any way) were not only creative but in focus (this is MOST important), exposed well and lastly has good composition. Focus is the most important to me simply because if an image is out of focus you’re doing something wrong. Either you’re not hitting your subject with the correct focal point in your camera or your shutter speed is too slow, etc. The other things are important too but focus is something you can’t fix on the computer. I’d rather see a slightly dark image that has crisp focus because you know if you had to you could lighten it a little on your computer.


Here’s the deal.

I’m going to let you guys vote. HOWEVER. This is NOT a popularity contest. I want to hear WHY you think the image you’re voting for is the best. Be specific!

OH! And if you’re interested in taking a class with Kim and I we have some dates listed on our FB page under the notes section! Still a couple of spots left in our November class next weekend!

DIY #1: Megan

DIY #2: Jennifer

DIY #3: Michele

Voting will end Saturday at midnight, winner announced Sunday!

The prize is 50% off a family session (savings of over $600!). Now GO vote!