We get emails ALL THE TIME asking if we’re going to offer our Fresh Class again and WE ARE!

And we wrap a DAMN GOOD gift certificate if you want to ask for this for Christmas!

SO here’s the deal.

JANUARY 22nd. Saturday. 1pm.

Leave your kids napping at home (if you have kids that can nap at home) with your husband (or your wife or friend or sitter), grab your camera (it must be a DSLR, Nikon or Cannon is best) and your COAT (because it’s January!) and come to the studio (that we’re working on renovating) for a SUPER fun afternoon!

Did that make sense?

At our Fresh Class we teach you the basics of your camera. How to shoot in MAUAL, how to NOT shoot in AUTO and how to understand+fall in love with photography again. Because we were in your shoes once. When we wanted to take good photos and had tons of great opportunities because of our kids but then got them printed at WALGREENS and were disappointed. Constantly. We will also teach you why you shouldn’t print photos at Walgreens! HA!

Anyway, we had three classes this summer and loved all of them! We have fun, eat great food (only because I don’t cook! it’s potluck!) and talk about all things cameras!

And now we’ve decided to offer one this winter. Because we’re tough and can stand the cold for little bits at a time!

SO. If you’re interested or know someone that’s interested let us know and we’ll get you a gift certificate for the holidays! If we book solid (8-10 total per class) we’ll open up one in February also!

Saturday, January 22nd at 1pm (usually about 3 hours) and the cost is $150.

Be there or be… sucky at taking photos! HA! Kidding! Just come and learn a ton and win a door prize!